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Single Visit Crowns

Generally this treatment is applied to molars and premolars.. enhancing stability of the crucial part of your chewing and digestive system.


Benefits :

Less invasive treatment than any other dental restoration, in all cases more natural tooth substance is preserved. Keep your tooth as long as you can.

All other traditional crown touch the gums and can harm them, eg inflamation, allergies, tattoing, recession.

Cerec restorations avoid all of these problems.

All traditional crowns use a capping technique, A Cerec restoration does not. The ceramic is shaped and bonded into the cavity making restoration and natural tooth as one. This heavily reduces the risk of fracture.

Less trauma to tooth and gums. Less sensitivities - Only one episode of numbing, least number of appointments, ONE!

No bother with temporary crowns which can come off at the most inconvenient of times.

Usually no need for messy impressions that patients and dentists together do not like. No uncomfortable gagging.

Empress ceramic from Switzerland is the stronger than traditional crowns however the Emax ceramic as the name suggests is the strongest on the dental market for patients who clench and grind giving extra longevity and peace of mind.

With CEREC, a groundbreaking technology, ceramic crowns are prepared and fitted in a single appointment. Metal free, designed by Cad-Cam technology and milled by robotic diamonds the crown is then in our ceramic studio hand-beautified and perfected to the standard of a master ceramist.

A bit more about Cerec

CEREC is a modern innovative and advanced technology that we use in our dental practice here in Edinburgh.


In a single visit, our dentists can manufacture dental prostheses such as dental crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers with safety and accuracy and restore your teeth and your smile.


The traditional dental procedure.               

In most cases you would have to visit your dentist twice to have a new dental crown, a dental bridge, inlay, onlay or veneer. At the first visit, the dentist would prepare your tooth and take impressions to send them to a dental laboratory that would fabricate the prosthesis. Sometimes a temporary prosthesis such as a temporary dental crown would be placed. After a few weeks, in the second visit, the dentist would place the prosthesis.

The dental procedure using Cerec.

A single visit is required to get your new dental prosthesis. We use a 3D camera instead of the traditional impression tray to take digital impressions of your teeth and your jaw.  The cutting-edge software of Cerec will produce an exceptional proposal fast and accurately and we will then fabricate on site the ceramic restoration ready to be applied immediately. The Cerec method, a technology that is used by dentists worldwide since 1987, offers us full control over the quality of your restoration.

The benefits for the patient

Your ceramic restoration is ready in just one visit. This single visit means that you will only have local anaesthesia once, you won’t be bothered by the procedure of taking dental impressions or feel anxious due to the use of temporary crowns. This procedure is highly recommended for people with dental phobia or just nervous patients. It is less stressful since you won’t spend more time than needed on the dental chair. 

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