Ocean Drive Dental CareCaring, Professional & Honest

Friendly, extensively equipped NHS & Private Dental Practice.

We are an NHS committed dental practice. This means that we will register all our patients under the NHS, which gives you certain rights, and obligations.

We will provide all sorts of general dental treatment that is available under the Scottish National Health Service. If there is anything that we cannot provide, like orthodontic treatment (braces for children), or complicated oral surgery, we will refer you to a specialist.

Most important for us is that we only do what you want us to do. Sometimes there are several options to solve a dental problem. We want to give you advice, but any decision is always on you. So please do not hesitate to ask us any kind of question.

We are convinced that prevention of dental disease is our most important duty, so we will be happy to give you individual advice on this.

If you desire any cosmetic dentistry that may not be available on the NHS, we are also able to provide private cosmetic dentistry like tooth coloured fillings and crowns on molar teeth, tooth whitening, invisible orthodontics (braces), denture stabilisation with implants, instant ceramic teeth etc.