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We are proud to be Scotland's first eco friendly dental practice!


For us, this does not only mean to switch the lights off and use recycled paper. Our Architect Robert Chalmers has planned and designed the whole practice with the environment in mind.

In a dental practice, health and safety, as well as cross infection control are paramount. That's why we have to use many single use items. We also need to consume high amounts of fresh water and energy.

Being aware of this, we have invested into modern technology in order to run our practice as eco friendly as possible:

  • Our energy efficient underfloor heating (Rehau) is powered by an over 99% efficient combi boiler ( Thermaflow Glasgow ).

  • We made maximum use of natural daylight using glass bricks and double glazing.

  • Our fully computerized practice management system saves a lot of paper.

  • The digital x-ray system works with substantially less radiation, and even without any chemicals.

  • We have a sophisticated ventilation system which produces clean and pollen free air using a HEPA micro filter and the latest heat recovery system (Genvex Denmark).

  • An advanced Reverse-Osmosis-System has been installed to prepare our purified water, which saves 90% of fresh water and 75% of electricity compared to classic water distillers used elsewhere and keeps the sterilisation room cool, which is much appreciated by anybody working in it.

  • Sensor taps, light sensors and the most advanced toilet cisterns save water and electricity, and our Dyson airblade hand dryer saves over 80% of electricity.

  • All building materials, like our natural slate flooring, Corian and our anti-bacterial wallpaint, have been tested to be as eco-friendly as possible.

  • Wherever possible, we prefer local suppliers.

Altogether, over £60,000 has been invested additionally in green technology.

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