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Root Canal Treatment

The symptoms that indicate you need a root canal treatment

  • Toothache: you have a toothache when you put pressure on your tooth or your gums in the area, when you chew, when you eat and drink hot or cold

  • Tooth discoloration:  A tooth starts to darken or becomes black.

  • Swollen gums: The gum tissue near the area of your pain is swollen or tender.

  • No symptoms at all: In some cases, there are no symptoms that you need a root canal treatment and its observed through clinical examination in dental check-ups.



What is Root Canal and what causes it?


Root canal is the term we use to refer to the nerve inside the tissue called dental pulp which connects the tooth root with the pulp.  After the development of the tooth, this nerve serves only sensing, hot, cold and other stimuli. During the the root canal treatment this nerve and the infected tooth pulp is removed in order to save the remained healthy tissue. The causes of infection of the tooth pulp are:

  • Cracked tooth (Fractured tooth)  Chipped Tooth

  • Cracked filling or fractured filling

  • Tooth decay

  • Gum Disease

  • Injury


Under these circumstances, bacteria are inserted into the tooth pulp and cause infections.


The benefits of a root canal treatment


A root canal treatment is the best way:

  • To avoid the spread of the bacteria

  • To avoid the form of abscesses

  • to save your natural tooth

  • avoid tooth extraction.

  • Avoid more invasive dental treatments such as dental implants.


The root canal treatment or endodontic treatment in most cases involves two visits. In the first visit, the root canal and the pulp are cleaned and filled to block the infection. A temporary filling is put in until the second visit.

In the second visit, we check if the infection is cleared and we make a permanent filling or a dental crown.

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